Chad Robertson and Essential Production Services, LLC uses high quality and well maintained equipment. In the corporate world especially, microphones and audio/video gear can often show up on stage and on camera. EPS understands when this occurs, In addition to working great, it is also important for the gear to be as visually appealing as possible… clean, neat and well maintained.

Location Sound Mixer gear
base kit includes:

  • Sound Devices 633 Mixer/ Timecode Multitrack recorder or
  • Sound Devices 552 Mixer
  • 2 Lectrosonics  Receivers with  Transmitters
  • 4 Countryman B6 lavs (2 and 2 back-up)
  • 5 OST-802 lav mics (“Trams,” 4 black, 1 gray)
  • Sennheiser MKH-60 Shotgun mic
  • VDB Boom pole with Rycote suspension, zepplin, windjammer, etc.
  • various cables, adapters, splitters, etc.
  • C-stand and sandbag for the boom
  • Sound Blankets (upon request)
  • non-TC Slate
  • Location Sound – Flyer

Available for additional charge, back-up, etc:

  • Lectrosonics wireless systems
  • Lectrosonics Handheld “stick” mics
  • Lectrosonics T2 IFB Transmitter and 3 R1a receivers (higher-end “comteks”) for courtesy feeds
  • Lectro T1 high power IFB transmitter
  • Fostex 6301B playback speakers /courtesy feeds for video world,  etc.
  • Shure FP22 (2) and headphones for client courtesy feeds
  • Time-Code Slate
  • Time-Code Display
  • 2 Sony ECM-77b lav microphones
  • 2 Sony ECM-55b lavs
  • Lectro UDR200B/UDR200C Receivers and UM200 Transmitters
  • Lectro UDR200B/UDR200C Receivers and UT200 wireless Handheld mics transmitter
  • Shure FP-33 mixer
  • Zoom H2 recorder
  • 5 in 1 bounce card
  • Multiple 12 & 14 gauge extension cords – 50′, 80′, 100+’

Gear available more related to Corporate A/V gigs

  • QSC K10 1000w active loudspeakers / Monitors
  • Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 Mixer console
  • Countryman Isomax podium microphones with stands
  • Shure SM57 mics
  • Sennheiser e835 hand mics
  • 4 Crown PCC-170sw Cardioid Microphone
  • Black microphone desk stands
  • Full height black floor mic stands
  • Full height tripod floor mic stand with boom
  • Lectrosonics auto-mixers for a total of 24 channels
  • Lectrosonics Wireless Microphones – lavs, headset and stick mics
  • DBX 231 dual 31 band EQ
  • Whirlwind 1×12 Press bridge (press mult)
  • Mackie VLZ1202 mixer
  • 2 Behringer Shark Feedback exterminators
  • Speaker Timer countdown system

 Other Gear

  • Sony PD-150 camera with wide-angle lens, 2x lens, and rain cover
  • GoPro HD Hero2 camera with suction mount, handle-bar mount, water-proof housing, etc.

Gear typically rents with someone from EPS to set-up and operate the gear to ensure it is working to its full potential and letting the client focus on other aspects of their project.


A great resource for great gear:
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