Production Cameras Audio input and Timecode database

The following is for reference of Timecode inputs and audio inputs for various Video Production Cameras. In today’s location production environment, there are a wide variety of cameras and with each camera comes it’s own way of handling audio and SMPTE timecode. Keeping up with the different connections for both the audio inputs and the timecode inputs is an ongoing task for both the camera department as well as the location sound department to insure a smooth production and to make sure post production is successful as well.

What is Timecode?

Timecode is an industry standard used to help recordings from multiple devices line up perfectly in sync during the post editing process. This may be separate audio recording from the camera, or multiple cameras, or both. When all the recordings have matching timecode, the editing software can easily line everything up in perfect sync. Without matching timecode, lining up the different media files can be an arduous and time consuming process.

Timecode & audio connections for various Video Production Cameras

Below is a database with some common cameras and their respective audio and timecode connections.

CameraAudio InputTimeCode inputNotesImages
Arri AmiraXLRBNCArri Amira Camera input connectors
Arri Alexa
Arri Alexa Mini
6 Pin Lemo5 Pin Lemo
Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6k2 Female Mini XLR (TA3F)Uses 1/8″ mic input
Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera2x Mini XLR Mic/Line (+48 V Phantom Power) Input,
1x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm TRS Stereo Input
1x BNC (Timecode) Input/Output
Canon EOS C200XLR Femaleno Timecode input
Canon EOS C300XLR FemaleBNC
Red Komodo1/8″ stereo mini9-pin lemo
Red Komodo with Tilta Adapter1/8″ stereo mini5-pin Lemo
Red V-RaptorMini 5-pin Lemo9-pin Lemo
Sony FS7 without adapter backXLR FemaleNo Timecode I/O
Sony FS7 with adapter backXLR FemaleBNC
Sony FX3 FX30XLR Female with adapterwith Sony USB Adapter
Sony FX6XLR FemaleBNC
Sony FX9XLR FemaleBNC